The importance of finding your target audience: Olin rebrand case study.
Case Study
Olin has been a well-respected premium uncoated paper by designers and printers alike for years, owned by one of Europe's largest paper merchants, Antalis, operating in almost all major markets. But the existing brand identity felt outdated, and the market was growing increasingly competitive, so Antalis commissioned Design & Practice to refresh the brand.
The importance of finding your target audience: Olin rebrand case study.

We began by dissecting the logo, and recognising weak areas:


The logo didn't bear a clear connection to paper, print or design. Associations to bodycare products or textile could be easily made, which could confuse a potential customer. 


The infinity loop of the logo created confusion and made it hard to read. One could read Olsin, Olfin, Oolin, etc. 

This made it harder for the name to ‘stick’. 

Perceived value 

The logo didn't feel particularly high-end, especially in comparison to other competitors that are lower in quality or price point. This made it harder to justify a price premium to the customer and it made it less likely customers associate it with high quality. 


There was a lot of ambiguity in the slogan, so it didn't really trigger anyone to remember Olin. There was no clear benefit to the target customer as the phrase could apply to anyone and to any product. 


The choice of typefaces does did not relate well to the target customer: graphic designers with a keen eye for typography and aesthetics. 


The logo was pushed away from the center of the circle by the slogan. Although it was a detail, it significantly lessened the impact and authority of the name. 

A crucial revelation early into this journey, was that the direct target audience were actually designers, rather than the vast array of end customers, such as publishers, corporate identities and companies. They were the key middleman that reached this network.

So the main objective morphed into positioning Olin as the most recognised premium choice for high-quality uncoated papers within the creative community.

The identity needed to speak and appeal to designers and creatives above all.

This allowed us to move on to the next question. What was at the heart of OLIN?

The answer? The relationship between the designer & Olin.

Creativity & paper.

And thus the core Olin ideology and tagline was born, a commitment to the creative community. Aspirational canvases for creatives.